Shorts and Video projects


The Farm They Won, 1951, USA Directed by Morris Engel.

Cinematography by Engel.

A biographical look at the Powers family – reminiscent of the Joad family in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

One Chase Manhattan Plaza, 1961, USA, 10 minutes

Directed by Morris Engel.
Produced by Christopher Gerould.

Made in the style of the great “city symphony” films, One Chase Manhattan Plaza celebrates the architectural achievement of this impressive New York City skyscraper as well as all the people who made it tick. From the mailroom, where thousands of letters are received and sorted daily, to the company executives in their sleek, modern offices, Engel imbues what is essentially an industrial film with great humanity and heart.

The Dog Lover, 1962, USA, 24 minutes.

Directed by Morris Engel.
Produced by Engel and Saul J. Turrell
Story by Leslie Waller.
Cinematography by Max Glenn and Greg Zilboorg.
With Margaret Norden, Alice Drummond and Jack Gilford.

Jack is the fastidious manager of a local supermarket. The harmless but disruptive actions of his customers frequently give him headaches, which he remedies by holding a can of frozen juice against his forehead. At home, however, Jack is consistently kind, loving, and patient with his wife and daughter. One day the child brings home a stray dog, and his life is turned upside down…With a cameo appearance by Mary Engel and Ruth Orkin.


A Little Bit Pregnant, 1994, Video Feature, 76 minutes

It is a story of an 8-year old boy, and his search for how babies are made. He mistakenly thinks his pregnant sister is the reason the family is moving away from NY and his beloved Mets. He also spends an afternoon with a young girl at a street festival, and begins to discover the difference between the sexes.

Camellia, 1998, Video Feature, 77 minutes

Camellia is the true story of a 2-year old and her development. It follows her on daily and captures all her family’s activities and their relationships with her. people in her life.