Weddings And Babies

It’s Beas (Viveca Lindfors) 30th birthday and her photographer boyfriend Al (John Myhers) still hasn’t proposed to her. He’s too busy trying to make money shooting “weddings and babies” to settle down and commit to marriage-and he’s got to support his old mother, and elderly Italian immigrant given to roaming the city at inopportune times. Bea is ready to give up when Al convinces her to stay and finally gives her an engagement ring. But it’s not long before their relationship is thrown into turmoil when a series of disasters leads Al to question everything in his life-including his desire to get married. Shot on location in Little Italy, Greenwich Village and Queens. Weddings and Babies is a timeless story of New Yorkers in and out of love.

Weddings And Babies, 1958, B/W, 81 minutes

Written and Directed by Morris Engel
Starring Viveca Lindfors and John Myhers
Critics Award, Venice Film Festival

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