LITTLE FUGITIVE at Loews Jersey Theater 4/26/14

LF at Loews Jersey

THE NEW YORK TIMES – April 26,2014

‘Little Fugitive’ and ‘Speedy’ (Saturday) For some, Coney Island reached its on-screen zenith in the late 1970s — as the site of Alvy Singer’s childhood home in “Annie Hall” and the exhausted gang’s final destination in “The Warriors.” But the picturesque Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater offers two other vintage glimpses of this famous getaway, though “getaway” takes on a very different meaning in “Little Fugitive” (screening at 6 p.m.). This revolutionary 1953 film, about a 7-year-old who flees to Coney Island after thinking he has killed his big brother, was a major influence on the French New Wave, with its vibrant handheld camera work and nonprofessional actors. Harold Lloyd’s character in the second feature, the 1928 silent comedy “Speedy” (8 p.m.), also labors under some erroneous assumptions during his own trip to Coney Island: He unknowingly has in his coat pocket a crab with a roaming set of claws. Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater, 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, 201-798-6055,; $7 to $10. (Grode)

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