United States Navy Photographic Institute Citation for Exceptionally Meritorious Photography, Awarded Navy Day, October 27, 1945
For Outstanding Achievement While Serving As A U.S. Navy Combat Photographer and as a member of combat photo unit number eight. For an exceptionally fine series of still photographs of the invasions in Southern France and on the Normandy Beaches, where his indifference to danger and his keen awareness of what scenes were most vital in the action around him, resulted in a contribution of great value to the visual records of the war. His photograph showing enemy dead on the Normandy beach, taken on D-day and in the face of grave danger, is one of the great pictures of the war and reflects the highest credit upon Engel and the U.S. Navy photographic service.
Signed by Edward Steichen, Captain USNR/Director, Navy Photographic Institute
Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, Crystal Apple Award, 1988
Lifetime Achievement Award, Photographic Administrators, 1998
Pioneer of Independent Cinema Award, 2002