Additional Films & Video Projects

I Need A Ride To California, 1968, Color, 83 minutes, shot in 35mm

(Unreleased Feature)

This is the story of a girl during the 60′s revolution in the East Village. It explores her various relationships with men, and her search for values of the time.

A Little Bit Pregnant, 1994, Video Feature, 76 minutes

It is a story of an 8-year old boy, and his search for how babies are made. He mistakenly thinks his pregnant sister is the reason the family is moving away from NY and his beloved Mets. He also spends an afternoon with a young girl at a street festival, and begins to discover the difference between the sexes.

Camellia, 1998, Video Feature, 77 minutes

Camellia is the true story of a 2-year old and her development. It follows her on daily and captures all her family’s activities and their relationships with her. people in her life.